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The Right To Kill was written by Jim Murphy and published by BLBM Publishing in 2015. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook.

The Right To Kill follows the lives of six young boys living on Syracuse, New York’s north side in the 1950’s and 60’s- a time when the United States was still in its infancy, and working-class families were poor, uneducated citizens.

The boys make a blood-bound pact to “clean up the neighborhood” at all costs. As time goes by their concept of what is morally acceptable expands, and their once simple adventures escalate.

As adults, they find themselves at the forefront of the most significant political shift in United States history.  By the ruling party’s executive order the U.S. borders are immediately and indefinitely closed.

Texas passes the controversial Right To Kill Act- anyone can petition the state to have someone killed. The catch? The petitioner must make the kill.



Jim Murphy’s latest book, The Right To Kill, made me cringe. It begins as a dark, grisly, and graphic tale that had me a bit nauseous but then a quick twist in the plot, surprisingly had me cheering on the six misguided and murderous youngsters.

Even though this is a work of fiction, the author took me on a chillingly deadly and dark adventure that had me rethinking the human condition and prompted me to re-examine what our true human nature really is composed of.  One of the most ironic, intriguing and haunting aspects of this story is how timely it is given the current political climate.  The United States, in this fictional version, is much different than the country that we know but it is eerily close to where we could be if the “right” or “wrong” leader took the reins of our country. It really is up to us to decide.

This is not a book for young readers or the easily offended but it is a book worth reading. The author’s tongue is placed firmly in cheek in this one and the bits of sexual humor will have you laughing hard, but have no doubt, the premise of this tale will stick in your mind and have you thinking well after the last page is read.

This one has the legs that could take it to the bestseller list.

I give The Right To Kill 5 stars.

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For almost a year now I have been involved in the very interesting field of Paranormal Investigation. I’m still “wet behind the ears” when compared to some of the others on the team but my experiences have definitely had a significant impact on my life.

First off- I’m highly skeptical of any ghostly or paranormal claims. I approach each investigation with a healthy dose of doubt but I also keep an open mind to any and all possibilities. If something happens during an investigation that can’t be initially explained- I look for the obvious connection between the event and logical reasoning. If that fails, then I’m left with a conclusion: “I can’t explain what happened…”

In a few investigations that I have been on in the past year I have left with that statement on my lips but then, of course, it eventually leads to “If no one can explain what happened…then we have to consider the possibility that there are spirits here- or there are forces at work here beyond the normal range of reason.” Or we also have to consider the possibility that a whole group of us are nuts because we all experienced the same thing- at the same time.  Unlikely that we could all go crackers at once- but possible I suppose…

Case in point:

This last February, when Minnesota was in the grips of another bitter cold and snowy winter, our team (TIPS- The International Paranormal Society) headed to the icy shores of Lake Superior in Duluth to investigate claims that a bar had ghosts in its basement.

Sir Benedicts Tavern is a cozy and comfortable place to have a bite to eat and to swig back a bottle of beer. The ambiance puts you in a relaxed, rustic, nostalgic setting where old time piano music reverberates from the walls and the Great Lake Superior beckons your attention from beyond the windows.  When we arrive, Sir Ben’s owner, Antonino Coppola, explains that there have been no ghosts reported in the public  areas of the tavern. All of the events that have been encountered have occurred on the other side of the floor, down in the cellar. We were told that there was shuffling of feet, cold spots and once while the owner was in the basement walk-in cooler- the large steel door closed on him. The door is way too heavy to swing closed by itself and no one was around.

As we made our way down the steps into the basement we came upon a space or storage area that most would find common under a tavern. Across a slightly dusty cement floor were half empty cardboard cases of beer, kegs of beer, a metal rack containing a good selection of wines, a large metal cooler, stacks of plastic patio furniture and other miscellaneous items. Most  areas were not well lit, with far walls and corners obscured in pockets of darkness and immediately I begin getting the feeling that all  seven of us will be glad when our 4 hours of investigation are up. It isn’t because any of us are afraid of the dark. We live for the dark. We need the dark. The dark is a P.I.’s tool just as a hammer is to a carpenter. What will make this night extremely long and boring is to sit around in the dark- for 4 hours- in a very ordinary tavern basement, while the faint sounds of a ragtime piano plays and cheerful  people, out for a fun Saturday night, congregate above our heads. I love what we do but I almost felt punished and kept away from the fun that was going on upstairs.

As I suspected- it started out kind of boring. We brought out all of our ghost hunting tools:  K-2 meters, digital voice recorders, camcorders, laser lights, flashlights and an Ovilus. It was a lot like fishing.  We sat in the dark, using all of our lures, waiting for a bite and all we got were a few nibbles and we weren’t even sure if it was the ghost fish that were  biting. But things began to happen in about the 3rd and 4th hours. My wife caught a cold shiver down her neck and back which was quite intense, according to her, and we were fortunate to capture that session on video. We had a digital thermometer that recorded the temperature variance between her head and feet.  It was her first paranormal experience.

This was  a tease. What would happen during the last hour of our investigation was an experience that I, for one, will never forget. It was a life changing moment for me.  It was a spiritual moment.  More than any religion has ever done- it gave me a deep feeling of peace and a renewed swell of faith that there is most definitely a place that we go after we die. And- we have a choice…

Our team leader Lisa and my wife suggested that we move over to the walk in cooler area to investigate and to set up the laser lights. As the laser light shot out a field of stars in front of the far wall next to the cooler, Lisa and my wife Lou sat down about six feet from the wall while the rest of us, including Antonino, formed a circle around the Ovilus (A device with a large database of approx 2,000 words- which operates and reacts from temperature readings and EMF readings). We were more than 10 feet away from Lisa and Lou.

After several minutes of the Ovilus spitting out a bunch of non-sensical words, Lisa finally told us that she sensed that a spirit was trying to communicate with her. She first explained that the spirit was “afraid” and it took a few minutes for her to tell us what it was afraid of. As she tried desperately  to communicate, the Ovilus now began repeating a flurry of words that seemed to make sense with what Lisa was picking up on. After Lisa again said that it was “afraid of something…”- the Ovilus kept going back and forth with these words:

“Light, Pain, Weary,  Help”

Suddenly there was a heavy apprehension in the air. Lisa finally told us that the spirit had lived in this area for many years but that it was “afraid of being judged.”  Lisa began to get very emotional at this point and strongly encouraged the spirit to “go into the light…”  It was then communicated to her that it was the light that it was afraid to go into.  Apparently it didn’t want to be judged by God. Lisa didn’t back down. Her pleas got stronger as she begged the spirit: “Please, go into the light. It’ll be okay. It’s not the way that you think it is…”

Immediately after Lisa spoke the Ovilus was spitting out these words at a rapid pace:

“Light, Light, Light…”

It was as if the spirit was trying to convince itself and to encourage itself to take Lisa’s advice by repeating the words as it moved closer to the light. Lisa continued her pleas as she began to cry , overcome by emotion. Her final plea came:  “Please cross into the light. Don’t be afraid….”

The Ovilus was still stuck on “light, light, light” but then this came after a pause:

“Light, Light, Light”


And finally the words came that moved us all to tears:

“Home, Home, Home”

The Ovilus went silent.  Our investigation was done.

What happened that night can be debated and argued. But whatever happened its impact was great. The experience can be summed up in two words that were spoken several times by Antonino as he walked up the steps and out onto the main floor of Sir Ben’s. 

“Amazing! Wow!”

The following is the TIPS video of the investigation-Part 2:

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