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Monthly Archives: September 2011

DEADLY STRAITS was written by R. E. McDermott and published in 2011. You may purchase it at You can visit the author here: R. E. McDermott. Com 

By R. E. McDermott


When Tom Dugan, shipping consultant and part time investigator, is contacted by the CIA and told that his client and best friend Alex is the prime suspect in a maritime hijacking, Tom is pulled into suspicion by his association with Alex. Tom is forced to go under cover and to investigate Alex’s company in an attempt to prove his and Alex’s innocence.


In his effort to clear himself and his friend, Tom inadvertently increases the suspicion of guilt between them, when one of Alex’s tankers, which Dugan had just inspected, and another ship are attacked by terrorists. When fingers point to Dugan as being responsible, he is desperate for answers and he is convinced that a much bigger attack is on the way. He follows his leads and instincts toRussiawhere he is further embroiled in an even greater terrorism plot.

R. E. McDermott has kept himself busy in the marine industry for thirty years.  His time has been spent as a ship’s officer, a consultant and he’s also been involved with the management end of the industry which includes ship building projects in theU. S.and theFar East.  And, he’s still at it!  Currently his time is spent in both theUnited StatesandSingapore, where he is a consultant and advisor in ship construction, operations and engineering.

It’s no wonder why Mr. McDermott’s writing skills have lain dormant during his very active and busy life but now we can christen this new author and his first novel.  He is certainly sea worthy and DEADLY STRAITS is especially worthy of floating to the top of many online book reviews. 

DEADLY STRAITS is an action packed, suspenseful thrill ride that will broaden your knowledge of the shipping industry and it will eerily remind you that the next terror attack could very well come to a port near you. This debut novel is at times politically and technologically involved which can add up to a very complicated plot but its one book which is well worth the time to read.  

I say: Aye aye, Mr. McDermott- full speed ahead!  We’ll be waiting patiently for your next novel to sail into our hands. 

I give this novel 4 Stars.

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Twilight Prophecy was written by Maggie Shayne and published by Mira Books in 2011. You may purchase it at You can visit the author here: Maggie



By Maggie Shayne



James is unlike a lot of vampires- he is 1/4 human and he has a power that enables him to cure the sick and dying; compelling him to spend much of his time wandering around hospital wards curing kids from cancer. He believes it’s his destiny to help the mortal segment of society until an ancient prophecy suggests a different fate. With his family and twin sister Brigit at his side, they help him to realize that his powers alone could help prevent the complete annihilation of his kin and of all vampires.

The vampires’ fate also rests in the hands of a mortal scholar- Lucy Lanfair- who is healed by James from a fatal gunshot wound and is then held captive to translate the text of an ancient Sumerian tablet. During her captivity Lucy falls in love with James and eventually realizes that it’s her destiny to save James and his people.

Maggie Shayne has been writing the Twilight vampire series since 1993 and she and her publisher are about to unveil the last book in that series, Twilight Fulfilled within the next couple of weeks.  I, for one, can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

It is suggested that you read the other books in the Twilight Series to get a feel and a taste of the story from the beginning; but if you don’t, Twilight Prophecy is also good by itself.  No strong background is required but the history and the stories of all of the characters in TP is fun to learn about and explore.

Twilight Prophecy provides a different slant to the regular inventory of vampire stories in that it expertly mixes in paranormal healing and the history of an ancient Sumerian culture. The story will attract and pull you in from the beginning with the mysteries of a hidden code found in a primeval Sumerian tablet. Add in the enticing allure of a sizzling hot romance, which Maggie Shayne is known for, and you have a story that is howling for more.

I was bitten after the first two chapters and couldn’t put the book down.

I give Twilight Prophecy 5 stars.

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Tom Riddell is also a book reviewer over at WEBBWEAVER

Twisted Tales of Terror was written by S. A. Gambino. You may purchase it at .Visit the author here:   Sheri Gambino.

By Sheri Gambino

This is a 12 story collection of horror stories about zombies, killer comets, a rogue vampire hunter, a demented child-hungry clown, hungry space parasites, a female spider and an ass-kicking nun. This is a horror filled page turner of 34,000 words that will nicely whet your appetite for Halloween.

There’s a theme that runs through many of the twelve stories in Twisted Tales of Terror. Hunger. Hunger for flesh. Hunger for Justice; and a hunger to survive in this human and sometimes not so humanitarian existence. There are forces out there that are competing with the best intentions of our human hearts and souls and S. A Gambino gives us more than a peek at the terror that awaits us in our darkest imaginations.

The twelve stories flow well together and I found myself eagerly moving from one story to the next- through the pages on my Kindle. The child hungry clown story was probably my favorite but the killer comets story near the end of the book had my eyes and emotions glued to the page. When a writer is able to pull up the emotions from a well written detail of place -and with the injection of life flow that she gives her characters- it makes the story hum and you find yourself right there in her world.

The only negative- if it is a negative- is the disappointment that I felt at the end of a few of these stories. I was disappointed that we didn’t learn more about the characters and that the story couldn’t go on. These stories have “Novel” potential and I hope we hear more from S. A Gambino in the future. I’m HUNGRY for more!!!!

I give Twisted Tales of Terror 4 stars.

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Tom Riddell is also a book reviewer over at WEBBWEAVER