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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Gazpacho:  Book One- The Early Years  was written by Robert Nicpon and Carol Murto (With help from Gazpacho) and has been published by Amazon/Kindle Services. It is available for purchase at . Visit Robert Nicpon here: and Carol Murto here: Channeled Spiritual Healing.Com

By Robert Nicpon

The little guy that you see here is real.  He’s as real and true to life as anyone who has had a dream and chased it to fulfillment. Gazpacho was born and raised in a  forest glen next to a farmstead. Within the roots of an oak tree Gazpacho is brought into this world and in this, his home, he learns about the power of love, the gift of creativity and the value of support which is given to him by family and

After his father mysteriously disappears, his mom nurtures him as best as she can through all of the challenges of a young worms life. During this time Gazpacho learns from his mom that he is a “Rarus Nimus Foetidus Loquaciatis Rauca Mollis”.  It is a very special and rare species of worm that is capable of communicating with most other  species but being a “Rarus Nimus” also has one rather obnoxious and quite offensive draw back.  They are equipped with toxic glands which produces a very nasty and unpleasant stink. This socially crippling condition causes Gazpacho much distress and he is bullied relentlessly by his bug peers.

However, the seemingly insurmountable struggles that Gazpacho faces in his early life
doesn’t deter him from reaching for his dreams of being a world renown “professional singer”.  He readies himself as he sets off on his journey to become famous and to also
bring long overdue notoriety to the much maligned bug world.

Robert Nicpon and Carol Murto, both good friends of Gazpacho, helped Gazpacho to write this book. Mr.Nicpon should also be recognized, in his own right, as someone who chased his own dreams as an exceptionally accomplished artist and Carol Murto has also traveled her own journeys of  extraordinary success in life. (Go to their website links at the beginning of this review)

Gazpacho:  Book One- The Early Years was written for a middle grade level audience – But, this extremely adorable, funny and cute story about a struggling young worms life has a morality built into it that should appeal to any age bracket from 8 to 108. The characters are very well developed and the authors do a superb job of entrancing the reader into loving each and every one of them- even though most of them are- BUGS. I see that as quite an accomplishment!  The plot of the story is one that will hold your attention throughout as there are plenty of conflicts and situations that work well and flow very nicely.

Gazpacho will undoubtedly worm his way into your affections.

I predict Gazpacho will go far in all of his endeavors and I look forward to the rest of
the books in this series.  *I highly recommend this book.

I give  Gazpacho:  Book One- The Early Years- 5 stars.

*Please save this page into your favorites and stop back at a later date when this book is published. On that date and time the book will be re-introduced on Facebook.

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Shadow Of A Dead Star was written by Michael Shean in 2011.
You may purchase it at You can visit the author here: Michael

By Michael Shean

Seattle, in the year 2078 is a much different place than what we would experience in 2011. The emerging world society that rules it isn’t so farfetched that we couldn’t
imagine it eventually being played out on our own time line. The social order
of our future has been totally swallowed up by commercialism and all religions
and belief systems have been snuffed out by a pervasively perverse hunger for a
technology that feeds mans most lustful and sinful habits.

Thomas Walken, an agent of the Industrial Security Bureau, is not happy with the deterioration of humanity and subsequently he is tasked with infiltrating the black market
malevolent nation of Wonderland, which is in the process of smuggling sex dolls
into the country. These sex dolls aren’t the typical type found in porn shops
today- these have been technologically enhanced for sexually deviant purposes
and built from the human bodies of little girls.

Walkens job is to intercept a shipment of these dolls and to uncover the truth behind the dark and mysterious world of Wonderland. In his quest to rid society of this new shadowy
and disturbing technology, Walkens discovers a frightening reality that will
shock both himself and the rest of the world.

Michael Shean spins a futuristic tale of high tech cyber punk that vibrates with action and
takes you for a ride through a shimmering sprawling neon skyline of a city
eclipsed by moral decay and abandonment.   In this, the author’s debut novel, Mr. Shean’s dedication to his craft shows up in Shadow of A Dead Star- which is chuck full of expertly detailed descriptions of a futuristic world.  In this lies one of the only
flaws in this story. In his effort to make his world believable, the author
pours a little too much detail into the earlier part of the story line and
takes away from the personality make up of the main characters.

Other than this- the story rolls along nicely with a surprise twisting punch at the end.

I give Shadow Of A Dead Star 4 stars .

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Tom Riddell is also a book reviewer over at WEBBWEAVER


Starting Your Career As A Freelance Web Designer  was written
by Neil Tortorella and published by Allworth Press  in 2011. You may purchase it at Visit the author here: Tortorella

By Neil Tortorella


A comprehensive road map to guide designers through the maze of setting up a new practice while avoiding common pitfalls.

Break out of the cubicle and gain the business savvy you need to launch your own freelance web design business!

This book was published at the exact time in my life when I have given very serious thought at starting a freelance web design company.  Neil Tortorella delivers the knowhow and tools that are needed to tackle the business end of being a freelancer.  In the web design field, which is growing and becoming the main storefront window of many small, midsize and large businesses, it’s important to learn the nuts and bolts behind the designing end of things.  Neil very clearly communicates his thoughts and advice in his writing- which is very easily read and understandable. He touches on important subjects such as: accounting, insurance, taxes, billing rates, legalities and marketing.

The author also focuses on explaining each step in project management; from the process involved in discovery to content gathering and creation to design and development.  He offers tips on software to use in the business end of being a freelancer and directs us to other web based resources.

I loved the book and I’ll be using much of the content to launch my business- most likely at the beginning of 2012.

I give Starting Your Career As A Freelance Web Designer 4 stars.

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Tom Riddell is also a book reviewer over at WEBBWEAVER