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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas Terror Tales-  was written by Kevin M. Folliard and published in 2011. You may purchase it at . Visit the author on facebook.

By Kevin Folliard

Sixteen gripping tales inspired by classical horror and urban legends twist holiday themes into chilling cautionary tales. A mischievous snowman frames the children who built him for its misdeeds. A haughty priest offers shelter to a hideous monster posing as an orphan. A father brings home a cursed Christmas tree resulting in a terrifying haunting experience for his family. From October through December, these stories of devils, spirits, murderers, monsters, and surprise twists will fascinate children and their parents.

For well over a hundred years, since the tale of A Christmas Carol was told by
Charles Dickens in 1843, the joyful season of Christmastime has always been
populated by stories of ghosts and other eerie legends that have a tendency to persuade
you to gather more closely with loved ones around the hearth of the living room
fireplace. As you start to read the stories in this assemblage of holiday
tales, terror isn’t the word that I would use to describe the emotions that
will seep into your consciousness. It’s more like going through an amusingly
scary fun house-but as you go along in this book, you’ll be looking over your
shoulder as you read and wondering if anyone or anything is in the house with
you- that shouldn’t be. And yes, give it time- the terror will come!

I’m a 55 year old man and I had to make sure my doors were locked as I was reading The Maniac- a story about an escaped lunatic from a nearby mental hospital who was posing as a dementedly murderous Santa Claus.  I certainly didn’t want that Santa coming into my house.  Another story that sent chills up my spine was The Trunk in the Attic.  I’d give you a bit of a synopsis of the story but I think the name alone will be enough to fire up your imaginations. I’ll just say: be careful of the place where your toys come from.  Other favorites of mine were The Smell, The Dinner Guest and Something in the Basement.

I enjoyed this Holiday terror treat!  As I happily sit here with a few friends,
sipping hot cider, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

I give Christmas Terror Tales 4 stars.

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The Godling Chronicles- Book One- The Sword Of Truth-  was written by Brian D.Anderson and published by Inkwater Press  in 2011. You may purchase
it at . Visit the author  on facebook.

By Brian D. Anderson

It has been five hundred years since the Great War between Elf and Human ripped the world apart, and the Dark Knight of Angrääl has stolen the Sword of Truth. With it, he has trapped the Gods in heaven. If left unchallenged he will kill the Gods and reshape the world into an unimaginable hell. The only hope for all of creation is a boy named Gewey
Stedding, the only being born from the union of two Gods. Aided by Lee
Starfinder, the son of Saraf, God of the Sea, and a mortal woman, he must
discover the true nature of his power. However, this will not be easy. He is
bound to the earth a mortal man, and in many ways is very human. When Kaylia, a
young elf woman, joins their party, Gewey discovers that perils of the heart
can be as treacherous as any sword. Gewey, Lee, Kaylia and other friends they
meet on their journey, must battle the Dark Knight, find a way to heal the
hatred between elf and man, and restore heaven itself.

This debut novel by Brian D. Anderson, which was inspired and conceived by his 8 year old son Jonathan, grabbed me from the beginning and pulled me into a fantastical world populated by elves, humans and gods. I traveled with the main characters Gewey, Lee and the adorably mysterious elf Kaylia on a traveling quest to learn more about the world around them and to develop Gewey’s powers, which will be needed to defeat the Dark

The author’s skills at character development, descriptions of place and action scenes parallels and stands up and shines with other stories in this genre.
I was most intrigued and very interested in Kaylia’s story and the
culture of the elves and how for 500 years humans and elves made a decision not
to co-exist. In this story the barriers between the humans and elves begins to
crumble as they learn more and more about each other and love even begins to
blossom between them.

Without giving away too much of the story, when a “declaration” is made to an elfin woman, she becomes devoted and “spiritually bonded” to the one making the declaration. It is more than a conscious decision. It is embedded into who and what they are as elves-
but it doesn’t always come without peril.

The story is filled with adventure, mystery and love and I highly recommend this book and the ones that will follow Book One.

I give The Godling Chronicles- Book One- The Sword Of Truth 5 stars.

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Nail Your Novel  was written by Roz Morris and published by CreateSpace  in 2011. You may purchase it at . Visit the author here:

By Roz Morris

This book will propel you forward and give you the systematic tools that you will need to finish the novel you have been laboring over to finish. Roz Morris
gives you the steps that you can work through to get the job done and to
finally get your book out there in print- and she does it all by giving all of
us fun tips and tricks. The book is an easy read and it will take you through
all of the areas of producing your first novel such as the plotting, the research, drafting, troubleshooting and revision.


Roz Morris is a professional, with years of experience in the writing craft, and
you’ll love the easy and straightforward way that she presents the material in
Nail Your Novel.  So pull out that old forgotten manuscript from your desk drawer, dust it off and let Roz help you in reaching your dream.

I give Nail Your Novel 5 stars.

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Tom Riddell is also a book reviewer over at WEBBWEAVER