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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Dancer at Brokkton Inn-  was written by Brett Williams and published by Hellfire Publishing in 2011. You may purchase it at Visit the author here : Brett Williams Fiction.Com

By Brett Williams

Rumors, spread by whores, spoke of a woman. A whore much like themselves. These tales spoke of a woman, with the strength of three men, killing in the night and disappearing with the moon. Tales of a thief stealing from kings.

A woman so beautiful no man could resist her. So exotic, no man could possess her for long. The tales spoke of a woman whose passion burned hotter than the pits of Demarkos. Whose loyalty held stronger than the gates of Geodeus.

This woman, promised the rumors, brandished an exquisite dagger. A dagger encrusted with the image of a serpent, having rubies for eyes.

Now Kalanna, having discovered such a dagger, must decide to fight, and ultimately flee, the only life she’s ever known. Or remain an object to be purchased by men, night after night.

Either choice, will begin with a dance and end with pain…

Kalanna, a victim and practitioner of the world’s oldest profession is tired of being poked and prodded by men.  The lowest scourges of society take advantage of her night after night as Kalanna’s spirit spirals forever down into deeper despair.  Her master’s profits are high, gleaned from the defiled bed of Kalanna but the woman known as The Dancer of Brokkton Inn has quickly launched a plan of escape from the life of ill repute and steals away into a new life where she earns respect at the point of a dagger.  Danger and death threatens as she ventures out on a search for a new life.

This very short and engaging story is filled with detail that will capture your imagination, sending you back to a time of Kings, who valued their coins, when hurried horses flew through the country side. As men pursued women for devious desires; women like Kalanna braved an ancient world  to find more out of life.  The author took this short story and injected it with action, adventure and suspense.  Above all he makes you care very much for the main character in the story and the plight that she has to endure.

I give The Dancer at Brokkton Inn 5 Stars.

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