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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Soul Awareness was written by Carol Murto and published by GMTA Publishing in 2013. You may purchase the book at and you can visit the author on Facebook.


By Carol Murto

Soul Awareness is a perfect title for this book. Carol Murto shares with us her experiences with her clients and guides us along the conduit of our human existence as she endeavors to teach us about that rich area of our being which we tend to ignore way too much- our soul.

Being aware of a life giving source which can ultimately and thoroughly enrich our lives both now and for eternity may be hard for some people to comprehend but this book clearly points out, and illustrates through real life examples, that it can be done and the techniques can transform our entire being and existence.

There is much information in this book that can be backed up from other sources and some of the content pointed out some facts that I wasn’t aware of-which I found to be quite interesting. I learned about “Contact comfort” and the idea that if our souls aren’t properly nourished and if we don’t receive the benefits of touch at a very young age- we can literally die.  This condition is known as Marasmus and it is based on a case study where babies actually died from lack of touch- after being born.

As you move through the pages of this book you will also learn about chakra- our spiritual source- and how Carol works with her clients to define those areas  which are attached to our soul.  “Soul injury” is discussed and we learn how to heal and break away from the negativity that is heaped upon us in our lives by soul injuries that can sometimes be passed from generation to generation.

We learn about the “heavenly realm” where the immortal soul resides. We also learn about “Unconditional love” and how it actually exists within us- and how it’s possible to access it from other human beings if they are in a “soul healed” state of being.

This book is an easy read that is easy to comprehend. It offers an insight into who we are as human beings and it can empower us to a new spiritual awakening. Whether you are religious or spiritual in your quest to understand what lies at the center of our lives- Carol Murto will take you to a place of healing and peace. It’s well worth the read.

I give Soul Awareness 5 stars.

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