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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Price Of Power was written by Trent Sklena and published by AuthorHouse in 2012. You may purchase it at

By Trent Sklena

Michael Stratford has no idea that on that stormy day in October he would meet a girl that will change his life forever and plung him into an alternate world where he must struggle to survive and ultimately find her again…

Michael and Heather seem like your normal run of the mill high school teenagers from the 1970′s. But there’s something very special about these two and there’s a lot more happening with them than just the passionate love that they have for each other.  Heather has an unusual power within her and she uses it to her advantage and for her protection- until her malevolent uncle begins to control her with some magical powers of his own. Michael gets caught up in his love for Heather and because of it he too is a target of some very dark magic and ultimately finds himself in another very strange world- the same world where Heather has gone to.

This story starts out in the 1970′s where Heather and Michael meet. It’s a flash back in time to big cars, VHS tapes, phones with cords on them, beer parties and the timelessness of first dates and all that comes with falling deeply in love for the first time.  The author uses those puppy love infatuations, which we all can relate to, to push the story along. Mix in a little of the supernatural and the story is further enhanced and you will soon find yourself caught up in the lives of the two main characters as they try to go about their “normal” lives- until the magic happens.

This was a good read.  The story is a long one so throw another log on the fire and settle in for a tale that will prepare you for Halloween!

I give  The Price Of Power 4 stars.

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Faceless was written by Dawn Kopman Whidden and published by Brighton Publishing LLC in 2013. You may purchase it at Visit the author at:

By Dawn Kopman Whidden

A pretty teenage girl is found dead in the woods, her face horribly mutilated. A few days later, a second girl, also strikingly beautiful, is attacked in a similar fashion. Who would do such a brutal thing—and why?
Is there some sort of psychopathic monster lurking out there, preying upon vulnerable females? Or were the victims targeted for some reason by someone they knew? It’s up to two of Fallsburg’s finest, Detective Jean Whitley and her new partner, Marty Keal, to find out who’s responsible for the grisly crimes.

Faceless is a horrific murder mystery- the kind that will chill anyone who lives in a small town. There are human monsters that live among us and many of them are our next door neighbors. To imagine that someone could be so deranged to do something so inhuman boggles the mind. Now, it’s up to Jean Whitley and Marty Keal to catch the person and to stop them from killing another beautiful child.

In her first book, A Child Is Torn, Dawn Whidden was quick to capture the reader from the start and her characters were likable- so much so that we wanted to learn more about them. In Faceless  the author doesn’t disappoint. She brought a few of the main characters back for an encore. In this reviewer’s mind, it’s in character development where this author shines. Even better than in A Child Is Torn, the characters begin to really live in our imaginations to the point where it’s hard to believe that these characters don’t really exist. When an author is able to do that- it’s magic.  It’s a good bet that the author’s fans will insist that we hear more from Hope, Jean, Marty and all the rest.

In my review of A Child Is Torn I wrote that a few of the sub plots took me away from my intense interest in the main story line. In Faceless, the flow of the story is smoother and the characters are richer in their development. The emotional intensity picks up as the story goes along and there are times when you might want a box of tissues nearby.

I have said before that if an author is able to stir your emotions in a story like this author can- you’ll be back to read their next book.

I give Faceless 5 stars.

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