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Monthly Archives: November 2013

My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide was written by Jim Murphy and will soon be published through Visit the author HERE and help him achieve his goal of being a published author.

By Jim Murphy

Through the course of the last 2.5 years, I have reviewed over 50 books and through the course of the last 57 years I have probably read at least 500 books. In all of those years and through all of those books, there have been a few literary geniuses who were able to get a chuckle and a laugh out of me- and yes, a few have caused me to shed a tear drop or two- but Jim Murphy literally had the tears flowing down my cheeks. As the title would suggest, you’re probably thinking that these were tears of sadness and unrelenting anguish. On the contrary- I haven’t laughed this hard in years; and certainly not from a book! I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I think I pulled a muscle! Good job Jim!!

The introduction to this story starts out like this: I hung myself on September 11, 1978. The same day I was brought into this world twenty-four years earlier…” and then the author takes us through his life before that horrible day in 1978.

Jim starts off by telling us about his early life in Auburn, New York and describes, from a toddlers point of view, his adventures from back then. A defining moment of humorous horror for young James was when he was “.. sucked into child-eating chocolate quicksand..”. He fights and survives this ordeal and realizes at that point that he has super powers; just like his beloved dad.

There is a good amount of religious hilarity in this story and the author spares no congregation from his very unique and thoughtful take on who and what God is.   Whatever the case, he very lovingly refers to his parents as “The Virgin Betty and Bob The Father“.

From Auburn, New York the family finally decides to move to “The Valley” in Syarcuse, New York. This is where Jim learns to ride a bike dangerously and to involve himself in all of the naughty antics that young boys learn as they grow up- including smoking cigarettes for the first time and yes, getting caught by your dad.

Soon, with super powers still intact, his family makes another move just south of Syracuse to a small little community called Nedrow- or as many of its inhabitants like to affectionately call it: “Deadrow” or “Skidrow”.  This is where Jim finally learns how to turn into a bird and fly. He flies over the Onondaga Indian Reservation but eventually lands back down on the ground and his life moves on into his adolescent years. He recounts numerous stories as he grows up in Nedrow and one of the funniest is how he describes the birth of a very dear black friend of his who he occasionally fought with.


The Magical Birth Of Charlie Moore (An excerpt):

Charlie, like all of these wondrous creatures who hide their head, had no choice but to slide his head out and greet the day. POP! Charlie Moore was born. As instantly, Charlie’s mom began breathing gently and more deeply as the yellow light beams danced upon her pretty face. Her eyelashes were accented with a glistening pollen. It was a beautiful, magical birth. Charlie was born, his mom was fine; the only thing was, Charlie had this long, pencil-necked head with little curly black hairs on it. He wasn’t ugly or deformed to any great degree; he just had a super elongated football shaped head like the early Egyptians did. He was pretty cool looking. So out in the street you had a big fatheaded white kid fighting an elongated, squshheaded black kid.


This book will have you laughing and reminiscing about your own childhood years, but one has to consider this: IF Jim had been successful in his suicide attempt none of  us would have the opportunity to read this wonderfully and humorously told account of his life. But It isn’t just loaded with humor and wit. At the end there is a very serious message there for all of us. Don’t miss this one! It’s a great read and told with a style that you will never forget!!

Please help Jim to get this book published by going HERE.

*The author of this review grew up in Nedrow, New York.

I give My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide 5 Stars.

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The Godling Chronicles: A Trial Of Souls (Book 4) was written by Brian D. Anderson and published by Mythos Press in 2013. You may purchase it at Visit the author here:

By Brian D. Anderson

This is the fourth book in the series so I won’t explain much that has happened in the last three books- only to say that as I said in a past review:  “..this reviewer predicts that people will be lining up at their favorite book seller in large numbers to see what happens to this highly likable bunch of characters.”   Gewey and his gang have not disappointed and my prediction still stands- with a staggering number of fans keeping the author busy at the key board. Brian D. Anderson has carved out another work of art with his latest installment.

With the battle of war surging all around him and his responsibilities to  keep his people and loved ones safe, Gewey finds himself maturing but he is also being forced to accept the fact that he is becoming much more than a human. It’s his destiny to be a God but will this drastic change cause a split between his friends and Kaylia, the elf woman that he deeply loves with all his heart and soul?  The battles that Gewey and his friends face will be pivotal in his goal to defeat the Dark Knight.

The author remains in top form in this one and we the readers will be waiting very patiently for book five- to see what happens next. If you haven’t already, I very highly recommend that you go out and buy the first three books in The Godling Chronicles series before you read this one. It’s a collection that you will be proud to have!

I give The Godling Chronicles: A Trial of Souls 4 stars.

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Everett Holmes: Sactuary Of The Damned was written by Erik Ekstrom and published by Vigilante Publishing Group in 2013. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook.

By Erik Ekstrom

I reviewed Everett Holmes: The Case Of The Forged Fingerprint Killer in March of 2012. Once more Erik Ekstrom brings back the eccentric and formidable detective  Everett Holmes who becomes involved in yet another horrific crime spree. The great grandson of Sherlock has spent the last ten years of his life searching for the fingerprint serial killer who was once his friend but all leads have dried up and an aging Everett drops further into drug abuse and his disheveled life style seems to be catching up to him.

Everett has been asked by the Chicago Police Department to consult in tracking down another serial killer who is brutally killing his victims at a very rapid pace. Despite Everett’s addictive demons and a flu that threatens to take him to the grave, he is as tenacious as ever in hunting down the demented and mentally warped low life who is playing God and judging his “sinful” victims and sending them to their deaths.

Erik Ekstrom has taken his writing skills to a higher level with this newest installment of the Everett Holmes series. The gruesome descriptions of the murders in this story will make you cringe and the forensic details are so very well laid out that it’s hard to believe that this is a work of fiction.  And above all else- you will find yourself rooting for Everett as he navigates all of the amazing and exciting twists and turns in this story.  Everett is a character that fans of Erik Ekstrom will want to see more of. This book is a solid work of very good writing and it’s a keeper!!


I give Everett Holmes: Sanctuary Of The Damned 5 stars.

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