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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Storms Of Deliverance  was written by Larry Higdon and published by Tate Publishing in 2011. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook:


By Larry Higdon


Johnson was living as an alcoholic in denial. He said he could stop anytime he wanted and this attitude prompted Katy, his ex-wife, who he still had feelings for, to write a letter telling him that she would always love him but their relationship was over because of his drinking. While struggling with the finality of the letter, Johnson is involved in an automobile accident that turns his whole world upside down. He soon experiences, what he believes, is time travel which launches him twenty-seven years into the future. There he deals with an “amnesia” that others have told him accounts for his inability to remember the twenty-seven years he has lost. In this new existence of time and place, Johnson has to work at making some sense of his life- and his past. He is haunted by spirits of his past, but he hopes that he can find a way to find worth and contentment in his life.  Then…another tragedy strikes.

Larry Higdon uses his experience as a grade school councilor to delve into the psychology of children and he also uses his knowledge and his writing tools to take us into the mind of an addict. The story flows along nicely and all of us can relate to the characters  in this book.

This story has an emotional appeal that will jerk your tears and enlighten you. This is a good first book debut for Larry Higdon and I can see more good works from this author in the future.


I give The Storms Of Deliverance 4 stars.

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The Silent Partner was written by Terrence King and published by Trafford Publishing in 2012. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook.

By Terrence King

Homer, a misbehaving angel, with a tenacious attitude and a mouth that would make Gabriel cringe is sent back to Earth to help a struggling columnist publish a book that will save the world- or so God says. God has removed Homer from nine-hundred years of isolation for her bad behavior and given her this mission of extreme importance so that she may redeem herself but Homer, even after being in isolation for nine-hundred years, is still distrusting of God and she isn’t afraid to let him know it. Yet, it’s her job to find a way to get the book published- but there is one major obstacle: She can’t use her angelic powers to get it done. She has to play by God’s rule of free will which exists in a world of humans- who are seen by her as being violent, self centered brats. Even so, the fate of the world is at stake and Homer is the one who has to save it- and she has very little time to do it.

I enjoyed reading this book. The humor value is good as the interactions between Homer and God gave me more than a few chuckles but it also brings back all of those age old questions of why does a loving, caring God act the way he does? Even Homer, a God sent angel on a mission, has to endure living on the streets and sleeps at night in a cardboard box.

This being the authors first novel- I found it to be easy to read and the characters were likable and interesting. The only thing that kept the star rating hovering between a 3 and 4 was the slowness in developing the plot between a few of the main characters. I really enjoyed Homer a lot and looked forward to the story to swing back to her and her earthly adventures. The book gets better as you turn the pages and it especially delivered it’s best near the end.

I give The Silent Partner 4 stars.

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