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Monthly Archives: January 2014

By- Darlyne Frederick

Queen Of My Immortal Heart was written by Darlyne Frederick and published by Xlibris in 2013. You may purchase it at (Click on book image to the left). Visit the author on Facebook:


Vampire Princess, Nicoleta Morganthe, has been in love with Luke Sangre for over 300 years. An attack on his pack took him from her side two centuries ago, but she has never forgotten him. On the night of her crowning ceremony, she lays eyes on him once again! However, will he still love her after so much time has passed?

Werewolf, Luke Sangre, is finally back home in Romania after two centuries of being away fighting rogue werewolves and protecting his brothers overseas. His heart is still set on his precious Nicoleta. However, after so much time and no contact, will she still care for him and be the Queen of his Immortal Heart?

Will the deep love shared between Luke, a handsome werewolf and Nicole, a beautiful vampire, stand the test of time after being separated for over three centuries? Will Luke and Nicole be able to defeat the evil ones who are pitted against them- adversaries who are relentless in their attempts at driving them apart? You will find out in this steamy erotic story that has all of the fascination and excitement that is required for a good page turner.

I enjoyed this first book by author Darlyne Frederick. Her expertly detailed descriptions of place and actions are a strong testament to her writing abilities and this enhances and helps the characters personalities to flow nicely in this one. The only ingredient that I see a bit lacking in this story is not enough conflict in the middle of the tale, otherwise this is a good first book by the author and I will definitely look forward to future works by Darlyne Frederick. I give Queen Of My Immortal Heart 4 stars.

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