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Monthly Archives: February 2014


By Dave Moore

Lines Along The Wall- The Beginning  was written by Dave Moore and published by Moore Motivation, LLC in 2014. You may purchase it at Book Cover to go to Amazon). Visit the author at:


Lines Along the Wall is a true story, of a boy finding his way to manhood, as Dave pursues his ultimate dream of becoming a military aviator.
In this inspiring story of perseverance, Dave takes you along on the decisions, or “lines” he has chosen in his life—good or bad—in his many adventures, some hilarious, some serious, some you will question, some you will relate to.
Lines Along the Wall is a feel good story that offers a lot of laughs for all generations to enjoy. From playing sports, to rushing a fraternity, a Coast Guard drill instructor straightening his path, and surviving a plane crash, he will make you laugh, cry, or wonder just how hard did he hit his head!

I have often wondered if you took all of the people in this world “who should have died” in an accident – and asked them how their lives have changed from experiencing that one event- how many of them would say that their lives have become more positive and purposeful? I believe that you would find that a good number of these people have moved on to more fulfilling and richer lives than they ever had before “the event”.  I believe Dave Moore is one of those people who not only has a better life than he did before his plane crash but that he appreciates life a lot more than ever before. By reaching out and telling his story, his life now also has a purpose: To help people find strength and to move on, just as he did.

After the plane crashed into some trees Dave, with broken ribs and skin hanging from his face and skull, literally crawled through the woods with another seriously injured man who was also in the plane. It took them 1.5 hours to finally get back to the airport where they finally found help. It was an amazing story of survival where he was later told by several people, including NTSB officials, that he shouldn’t be alive.

Although the story about the aftermath of the crash is a good one- this book is also about Dave’s earlier life and how he moved through his “lines”.  In the first part of the book we find out how Dave learned about integrity and team work from his elders and peers.  And he takes us through the physically painful process of playing football, his problems with alcohol and describes an incident where he was randomly beaten up and put in the hospital by a group of drunken teenagers.  Through it all he manages as most young people do but his desires in life, regardless of his struggles, keeps him moving forward.

This is the first book in the series and I look forward to learning more about Dave’s life and his future aspirations.

I give Lines Along The Wall- The Beginning 4 stars.


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By Samuel Hawley

Bad Elephant Far Stream  was written by Samuel Hawley and published by Conquistador Press in 2013. You may purchase it at Amazon/Kindle (Click Book Cover to go to site). Visit the author on Facebook:


Bad Elephant Far Stream is an animal story for adults, a novel about the odyssey of a circus elephant, told from her own perspective, through her own eyes. Inspired by the true story of the circus elephant Topsy, the subject of the 1903 Thomas Edison film “Electrocution of an Elephant,” it begins in the forests of Ceylon in the late 1860s with the capture of a baby elephant known to her own kind as Far Stream. She is taken to America chained in a ship, a journey of several months, and sent to the Adam Forepaugh Circus in Philadelphia. There, Far Stream embarks on a new life under the big top, appearing first as “Baby Annie,” then, when she grows bigger, as “Topsy,” part of Forepaugh’s famed elephant dancing quadrille. She crisscrosses North America for thirty years with the circus, experiencing hardships, kidnapping, escapes and adventure. But when she comes to outweigh her keepers by a factor of forty—it’s hard not to hurt somebody. It’s hard not to get labeled as “bad.”

This story will shock you from the start.  It will give you pause to think as to why man will go to all lengths to achieve profit and entertainment value; even when it eventually leads to the brutal death of a mammoth of an innocent animal who has endured over thirty years of confinement and pain.

The old saying, “An elephant never forgets” seems appropriate to the central theme of the story as Far Stream tries desperately to remember the happier times of her youth when she was free with her family in the wild.  Clouding and overshadowing those memories are the years and years of captivity while traveling as a circus entertainer- at the hands of her human handlers.   Swept up in the demanding business of the circus, both human and elephant alike encounter the hard life under the big top where behaviors can go from friendly to mean, cruel and deadly in an instant.

Far Stream captured my heart immediately and her remarkable displays of human emotions touched my soul in a way that I will never forget.  An example of this is when, after a horrible incident, she is seen crying- with tears flowing down her cheeks. She also develops a close bonding, long term relationship with one of her handlers and she becomes friends with a dog near the end of her life, which is very touching.  When the end finally comes for this endearing behemoth- it’s because she can’t control her natural responses to protect herself. It’s a testament to what can sometimes happen when humans and wild animals are brought together in the same venue.

The author tells this tale from the perspective of an elephant.  In presenting the story in this way, Samuel Hawley helped to perk my curiosity about a true story that I may have never read.  I enjoyed this book so much that I had to research the story further- which led me to the shocking and disturbing video where we see the final moments of Topsy’s life. I’ve included the video below.

I give Bad Elephant Far Stream 4 stars.

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The above story was inspired by the following video, Thomas Edison film “Electrocution of an Elephant :


Talking & Listening- Is It A Dying Art?

Facebook just turned ten years old- so I was wondering: How many of you are ready and willing to parent and feed this child for another ten years or longer? Or the bigger question: Are you content with reading about your friends and loved ones lives- above talking and listening to them?


I know, it’s the sign of the times and times are changing and I too engage in social media and text messaging- probably much more than some others but it’s a question that I am struggling with and it’s a question that I believe a lot of us haven’t really thought much about because we have been so caught up in the many positive aspects of social media. After all, who can deny that we haven’t been brought closer together with friends and family, some of them separated from us by thousands of miles- after seeing pictures and videos that chronicle their every day lives?

When we see a status update we sometimes feel compelled to respond and our message is most of the time met with either a “like” or a nice comment. But… then there’s other times when voice inflection, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language, which we receive in a face to face meeting or in part; on the phone, is lost. We lose an important part of that good face to face or ear to ear communication when it is needed most of all: When we are engaged in written messages that can seem more contentious and confrontational than they were really meant to be. When the last word is written in a heated message, many times it will end any further communication between two people; sometimes for months and sometimes forever.  But when you are face to face or on the phone, a patch up or ease in an argument or relationship is much more likely- which is usually prompted by moving onto another subject or activity.  With that being said- it’s during these times when the written word alone fails us and ultimately- it could end a cherished relationship that we have been building for years.

A study that was presented by Ofcom has shown that our long love affair with the phone call has finally gone into reverse as of 2011. Landline usage fell by 10% in 2011 and mobile phone calls fell by 1%. I would also go out on a limb and suggest that face to face interactions are also in decline. 

I would argue that we are no longer talking or listening to each other in the ways that we should be. Myself included. Facebook and social media have enhanced relationships both near and far- but talking and listening have taken a back seat and I think it’s time we pay more attention to that very important part of human interaction.

With this in mind, along with other projects that need to be completed, I have decided to take a leave from Facebook for 2 weeks.  It will be sort of a retreat to re-focus my energies on my life and to decide on where I want to go as I approach my sixth decade.  During this time, I may even pay a visit and or make a phone call or two. I hope you will do the same…



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By Shewanda Pugh

Crimson Footprints II: New Beginnings  was written by Shewanda Pugh and published by Delphine Publications in 2013. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook:

An eleven-year-old boy hitchhikes 1500 miles from Bismarck to Miami; a prostitute yearns for escape from a prison of her own making, and the horrible secrets of a long-ago murder are unraveled in the shadows of one woman’s dreams. Lizzie Hammond is an ill-fated whore that believes in little, save her own ultimate demise. Kenji Tanaka is a pseudo-architect, content to hide in the shadows of his family’s overwhelming success. Neither can stand the other. But the appearance of a boy only rumored to be true helps them discover that two unlikely halves can fit together as the perfect whole. For Lizzie Hammond and Kenji Tanaka, redemption is found in the most unlikely of places: each other, even as the world around them disintegrates.

This story, as was the case in the first book of this series, points out all of the complexities of life and the conflicts that can arise when people, who have been tossed into a difficult existence, try to mix the extreme pleasures and pains of living- in hopes of coming up with happily ever after. Sometimes it’s like trying to mix oil and water.

When you take the pain and hopelessness of the impoverished and couple it with the comfort and prosperity of the rich, the story which can be told will be one of interest and intrigue. The author measures up to the task and delivers an emotional tale of poverty, wealth, family, love and romance.

Shewanda Pugh brings back many of the same characters we met in her first book and she does it with exceptionally fine tuned writing skills- which is a huge credit to her and her continued success as a writer. She continues to excel as an author and I predict that she will keep climbing up those best seller lists.

I give Crimson Footprints II: New Beginnings 5 stars.

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