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Monthly Archives: September 2014

By Elaine Chissick

Willing And Able- A True Story Of Adoption was written by Elaine Chissick and published by Amazon Digital Services in 2012. You may purchase it at the author on Facebook.


When I started to read this book I thought that it might not be much of an interest to me as I am not a parent and although I always wanted to be a parent, I am at an age now where the responsibilities of raising a child would be more than I would be willing to take on. I however was adopted by my grandparents so I can relate some to the subject matter.

As I began to read about the authors challenge of wanting children and the biological impossibilities of conceiving a child, along with the struggles that she and her husband went through, I found myself totally and completely absorbed in the story. When the couple finally received word that they could adopt, I realized that I was choked up with emotion and shouted out loud: YES!!  We are taken through all of the lengthy and overwhelming adoptive rules, legal steps and a personal narrative  that finally lead up to the couples dream:  Two young children, Julie and James, now have a home with “Mum and Dad”.

To tell a story takes talent but to tell a story and to hold a readers interest when the reader may not even be interested in the subject takes a special gift and ability. This is a story about a “family” and the unlimited love and determination of a couple to make a family and to make their dreams  come true. I could not put this book down.

I give Willing And Able- A True Story Of Adoption 5 stars.

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By Brian D. Anderson


The Godling Chronicles- The Reborn Kingwas written by Brian D. Anderson and published by Longfire Press in 2014. You may purchase it at Visit the author at:


The gods, elves and humans have had their time with us but now the final battle of the war is upon them and the last word of this amazing and wonderful series is coming to an end. Gewey finally fights the Dark Knight and it is an epic battle that has all of the fast paced action and drama that you could ever wish for. Besides all of the incredibly interesting twists and turns in this story there are several colossal surprises that will awe and challenge your thinking as to where you really stand in the story. Who and what are you for? You will find out the answers at the end of this book. 

The author knows his craft and displays it with incredible sharpness in this last book. Everything is well timed and laid out to keep you reading. The pace of the story slows a bit in the middle but it soon picks up at the end when we learn the back ground history of the Dark Knight. The ending is incredible and beautiful and it’s an ending that Hollywood couldn’t match- but they should try!  This series should be made into a movie. It’s incredibly good and Brian D. Anderson has a long and successful future in front of him as an author. Go out and buy the entire series. It’s a story that you will be proud to display on your book shelf!

I give The Godling Chronicles- The Reborn King 5 stars.

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By Brian D. Anderson

The Godling Chronicles- Madness Of The Fallen was written by Brian D. Anderson and published by Longfire Press in 2014. You may purchase it at Visit the author at:


Gewey and his friends are back in book 5 still doing battle with the dark Knights army.   In this latest installment of the 6 book series where elves, humans and a god struggle against the dark forces that threaten to annihilate them, Gewey  comes to grips with who and what he is.  Not only does Gewey come to terms with his true self but his followers and friends are put into a place where their adulation for Gewey/Darshan is peaked- but is their admiration and worship of Gewey warranted? Is someone else responsible for the positive turn around in the war against The Dark Knight?  A new God is introduced that rivals or beats the powers of Darshan. This new God also praises Darshan and vows to work with him to beat the Dark Knight. But what will Gewey do with this new arrival? Can Gewey trust this God who also has a dark past?

Brian D. Anderson’s skills as a writer gets even better in this story, if that’s even possible.  The twists and turns in this story will keep your eyes glued to the page until the end.  The conflicts that chase down the main character are perfectly placed and the story continues to flow smoothly without a hitch.  All of the characters  are well developed and very interesting.  Once again, like the others, this book ends  and gives us much to think about in regards to our own morals and  the strength of the people in our lives.

Many a fan of this series will agree that it will be sad to say good bye to Gewey and his friends after we have read book 6, which is very close to it’s release date.  But we should be very happy to hear that this author has only just begun to write.  He is now hard at work on his next writing project: Dragonvein

I give The Godling Chronicles- Madness Of The Fallen:  5 Stars.

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