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Monthly Archives: September 2015

When I began investigating the paranormal in 2010, it didn’t begin with a couple of hauntings here and there; I stepped into a very busy schedule with our Minnesota team. We investigated close to a dozen sites within six months. We investigated theaters, a hotel, a city hall, an old jail/ bed and breakfast, a cargo ship, a bar and several private residences. It was an exciting time for me as I opened up a very skeptical mind to the possibility of “ghosts”.  Five years later, I’m still visiting and investigating  haunts and I’m still skeptical of reports of “ghosts”- unless an activity can’t be explained naturally. After years of wandering around in the shadows and dark rooms I now wonder: Has it all been worth it? I now realize that it isn’t all about the “ghost hunt”.  It’s about developing a keen interest in the history of the place and of the people who lived there. There’s a rich and interesting history all around us; no matter where we live. We just need to take the time to learn about our past and listen to the people that may still be reaching out to us.



Have you ever taken the time, if you live in an old house, to at least wonder about the people who lived there before you? All of those fifty to one hundred years that have passed within your walls; filled with the deep flowing energies of family gatherings and the complex and interesting people who have moved away or passed away. I have lived in a house that is one hundred years old. And yes, it is haunted.  In just a few short months after living there I experienced several “incidents” that rise above anything I have ever experienced before, while working in the paranormal field.  In the five years of investigating I have never seen an apparition or anything close to one- until I moved into this house.  Although I have never seen a fully solid apparition with clear human features, I did see a wispy  fog like vapor move across my path as I opened the door to my bedroom.  As I always do, I looked for a natural explanation for this, including smoke from a fire, and could find nothing. Another time I was driving past the house, ready to pull into the driveway, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a body move across the porch towards the front door.  A second later, as I made the turn into the driveway, I looked on the porch expecting to see the mailman. No one was there.  A friend, who has resided in the house for over twenty years, says that she has seen and heard people, through a draped living room window, move across the porch. After her dog begins the barking and also acknowledges a presence on the porch, a check is made at the door and no one is there. This has happened many times over the years, she said.  I have an explanation for these “porch people” but it’s not a debunking, it reinforces the paranormal aspects of these happenings. I’ll get to that later.

As I mentioned, knowing the history of a home’s residents can add or even take away from a paranormal investigation and its findings. I have not looked into the history of my friend’s house but we may have a  spirit who may have resided there when they were alive.  This ghost has been fairly active in the house and likes to play pranks on the living. She is known to my friend by the given name of “Jamie”.  Jamie is a little girl perpetually stuck at the age of around six or seven years. She is attracted to shiny things and she loves to hide objects, which later can reappear in front of a frustrated owner, in a place right in front of their eyes, like on a table top.  I suspect that Jamie has  targeted me.  When I moved in I was  suffering from a badly sprained left middle finger. It requires that I wear an aluminum splint on my finger when I sleep and also sometimes during the day. For six weeks I kept the splint on my night stand table when it wasn’t in use. Then one day my splint went missing and I have looked every where. Not only was my splint  a target but my car key remote  was being played with. If I set my keys down on the coffee table my car alarm would go off. I believe its possible that Jamie was pushing the panic alarm button on the remote. This happened at least two or three times a week and it has never happened at other locations that I have been at. Then there was the morning when I came down to find a small pile of some grass clippings and those whirlygig  things that fall from trees in front of the TV on the living room floor. That also caused us to scratch our heads.

Little kids, like adults, have favorite places in their homes where they like to hang out. It seems that Jamie’s favorite spot, strangely enough, is on the  lower steps of  the stair case to the upper level. Being 100 years old, the stairs creak and groan under the weight of  people moving up and down them so it’s not surprising that the sound can be heard anywhere in the house.  It is surprising though when you hear a creaking sound when no body is on the stairs. It happened one night while my friend and I were in the living room watching TV. I was looking directly at the stairs when I heard it and I turned to my friend and asked, “Did you hear that?”  She also heard the creaking sound. I grabbed the EMF meter and immediately  went over to the stairs.  Most times there is little or no EMF activity on the stairs.  Now the meter was strongly registering well over 2 on the Milligaus scale. One or two steps up and the needle on the meter would fall off to 0 or 1.  Near the steps on the floor there is a step stool and this area also registered 2 and above. It was as if Jamie were moving between the stairs and the stool. A few minutes later the meter went quiet again. It is very interesting to me that Jamie seems to prefer the second step up from the floor. This is the same step, incidentally, that the dog and the cat avoid on occasion when descending the stairs. It’s as if Jamie may be sitting there and keeping an eye on what’s happening in the foyer and in the living room. Also of note: The step has a separation/crack in it that runs the length of the step, approximately 2″ from the edge of the step.  I have to wonder if at some point in the history of the house if the step may have had a very heavy weight on it that caused it to crack and separate. This step may lend a clue as to why Jamie spends a lot of time there.  Did something traumatic happen to her on those stairs or is it just a nice place to spend and play out her ghostly time?  Maybe history will some day reveal who Jamie really is or maybe she’s a wayward spirit looking for a place to have some fun and be recognized by people who may be open to the possibility of her existence.

I have often wondered and theorized if there is an explainable and natural common attribute between haunted locations.  To the point, could you increase or decrease the activity in your house by just simply flipping an electrical switch to either on or off?  I’m talking about EMF.  As many know, EMF is an electromagnetic field.  Many things in our world generate an electromagnetic field which includes living beings and also, to a higher degree, our electronics and electrical systems.  When some electrical systems, such as the ones that power our homes, are not properly grounded, high EMF readings can result. It is extremely important that when you enter a location to investigate that you do a preliminary walk thru to check the property for anything that could help to naturally explain or debunk the claims of the property owner. High EMF readings from electrical systems and devices will rule out a spirit generated EMF in a specific area but I believe, as do many in the paranormal field, that spirits can and will draw from high EMF systems and devices in order to gain energy so that they can “communicate” to the living through the paranormal activity that we experience. Sort of an energy buffet for ghosts. I have found in many cases that there is usually a correaltion between specific areas of high activity  and high EMF in that same specific area. I know of at least 3 locations that I have recently investigated where the home owner has seen an apparition or had significant high activity in an area where there is an improperly grounded electrical system or device.  My theory holds up in the case of the “Porch People”.  The north east wall of their home holds an electrical system that throws off an unusually very high EMF.  This could very well explain why the “People” are seen walking past the living room window and it could help explain the other activity in the house as well.   Of course this could also explain why this house remains the most haunted house that I have ever been in.


Was living in this haunted house scary?  Not at all.  All of us are afraid of the unknown but if you can some how try to understand why something unexplainable is happening, it all just becomes another interesting and wonderful part of life- and death.


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