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Nail Your Novel  was written by Roz Morris and published by CreateSpace  in 2011. You may purchase it at . Visit the author here:

By Roz Morris

This book will propel you forward and give you the systematic tools that you will need to finish the novel you have been laboring over to finish. Roz Morris
gives you the steps that you can work through to get the job done and to
finally get your book out there in print- and she does it all by giving all of
us fun tips and tricks. The book is an easy read and it will take you through
all of the areas of producing your first novel such as the plotting, the research, drafting, troubleshooting and revision.


Roz Morris is a professional, with years of experience in the writing craft, and
you’ll love the easy and straightforward way that she presents the material in
Nail Your Novel.  So pull out that old forgotten manuscript from your desk drawer, dust it off and let Roz help you in reaching your dream.

I give Nail Your Novel 5 stars.

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