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Mysterious Minnesota- Digging Up The Ghostly Past was written by Adrian Lee and published by Llewellyn Publications in 2012. You may purchase it at Visit the author at:

By Adrian Lee

Are you ready to experience Fort Snelling’s resident spirits, Wabasha Street Caves’ ghostly gangsters, Native American warriors, and the restless souls of criminals and murder victims? Join ghost hunter and historian Adrian Lee, along with his elite team of paranormal investigators, on a compelling tour of Minnesota’s most haunted historic places. His chilling firsthand investigations of thirteen famous locations—accompanied by rich historical details—will send shivers down your spine.

Explore clashes between Native Americans and the early settlers, lavish parties during the Roaring Twenties, botched public executions at Minneapolis City Hall, and the legend of John Dillinger. Learn about specialized ghost-hunting equipment, including electromagnetic field meters, the ghost box, and the Ovilus, as you read this one-of-a-kind haunted landmark guide. With such storytelling enthusiasm, you’ll feel like a member of the team.

Welcome to Mysterious Minnesota!

I was extremely excited and eager to dive into this book. Why you may ask? Because I was part of the “Team” who helped Mr. Lee investigate many of the 13 haunted sites which are included in Mysterious Minnesota. What he failed to mention in the book, by way of a disclaimer, is that for many of the sites that were investigated by the team, Mr. Lee was not present.

Because of some legal glitch, airport security, via homeland security, kept him in England for all of 2010. Since he was not here in Minnesota with us, we were asked by him to be his “eyes and ears”. All of us honored his request and we spent hours documenting the investigations in writing  and I even videotaped several investigations and interviews so that he could get a “sense of place” to help him write his book.

One place in particular sticks out in my mind: The Old Jail and Saloon (B&B) in Taylors Falls Minnesota. My wife and I and several other team members made the trek there during a bitterly cold winter day in early 2011. It was a very interesting investigation and I had my video camera on to record much of it. (See video below)

Under “Investigation”, for that chapter, Mr. Lee writes: “I decided to set up a trigger-object experiment on the rocking chair by placing three wooden sticks in various strategic places.”  The huge problem I have with this is that the person who actually documented and wrote this is not given credit for actually writing what Mr. Lee is claiming is his own words- also given the fact that he wasn’t even there with us.  I was told during several meetings before the publishing of the book, that we would all be given credit for whatever writings he used in the book that were ours.

In his Acknowledgments- In the 24+ people that he said had “supported” him in the book he never mentioned their writings (or their video support) and my name was “mysteriously” not mentioned- even though my wife “Lou” was listed as a “very committed investigator”.  It seems that my wife and Mr. Lee had become closer than I thought but why was I not mentioned when I was always with her?

In ending- this book had a lot of promise.  The people who worked hard on this project of Mr. Lee’s deserve much better than what they got. But an ego got in the way and ruined all credibility. When we go out to investigate- we investigate the FACTS. Mr. Lee avoids a true representation of the facts in this book and in doing so taints all of it to his own liking.

UPDATE:  I just read in the book- the investigation that we did at Minneapolis City Hall- he talks of his riding up in the elevator to the bell tower. He writes: “The elevator jumped, squeaked and groaned with random regularity as I shuffled uneasily on the spot like a man standing in a minefield.” The trouble is, HE WASN’T THERE! I WAS AND I WAS NEVER MENTIONED! All “good” writing for a work of fiction- but this wasn’t suppose to be fiction. This was suppose to be written based on facts. He also embellished and added fabrications to his writings regarding the investigation at the St. James Hotel in Redwing, Minnesota. “Facts” were not recorded accurately- and I know this because I was there- he wasn’t. AMAZING! Such a GOOD writer has to dirty his work with such rubbish! I hope Llewellyn Publications has the sense to pull this from their shelf.

I am very disappointed and disgusted.

I give Mysterious Minnesota- Digging Up The Ghostly Past 2 stars.  

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  • Nancy Curtis says:

    but what is the book like? You have not actually reviewed it?

    • Tom Riddell says:

      Nancy, yes I have reviewed it. It is very well written and much of the content is interesting and informative (IF based on factual information) but the author has lost all credibility by fictionalizing material that was presented as fact. It should disturb any author or reader (Who pays hard earned money) who is sold a product that isn’t all that it is promised to be. If the author had given credit where credit was due and didn’t present his own egotistical spin and distroy some of the stories within- I would have been kind to this book. I was not kind and no reader, writer, author or honest paranormal investigator should be kind to this *garbage*. I call it like it is.


  • Moonlight Paranormal says:

    Ya know…. being a paranormal investigator…we document EVERYTHING….. and we go to other people with similar interests to help solve any problems that we are having a hard time to figure out. I have gone to Mr. Lee before….and he seemed to blow me off!!! NOW I KNOW WHY!!!! WHAT A FRAUD!!! This takes all of our reputations and makes us look like fools!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SAY …. you felt this, you felt that, you heard this, or you saw that…..IF YOU WERENT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things make alot more sense to me now!!!