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I’m about to be as blunt and honest as I can: I’m a lousy liar!  I’m really no good at trying to fib or even when attempting to launch a “white lie”- it sends someone’s bull shit meter off the scale if they are standing anywhere near me.

So, I don’t subscribe to being dishonest- it doesn’t do anyone any good, it can seriously harm your reputation, it can hurt a lot of people and it can destroy a lot of relationships. I guess that is why a few people have told me: “That is one reason why you are a good paranormal investigator.”

Really now, my “being honest”, also depends on your perspective of how you honestly see the whole ghost hunting craze that has been sweeping the country in the last several years. There are many who will wave us off with the backs of their hands, dismissing us all as a bunch of over imaginative, over excitable kooks, who will jump and holler “ghost!” at anything that moves.  Many detractors will say that we have a tendency to  drool and that we come very close to wetting ourselves when we see a photo that contains a dust particle “orb”. They go on to claim that we have inclinations to totally and thoroughly soak ourselves when our iPhone speaks to us with a robotic voice through a “Ghost Radar” app.

Yes, how can we Honestly say, given all that, that we can actually believe that we are investigating the existence of ghosts??  My honest answer is: Until you’ve experienced, in person, ALL of the phenomenon that presents itself during an investigation (And yes, we use other credible devices to measure our findings.)- one has to keep an open mind. In the end you are forced to come to a conclusion: Can what we experienced be explained naturally, or did we experience something that cannot be explained? And if it can’t be explained, wouldn’t that open the possibility of us being in the presence of a ghost or other paranormal activity?

This is why we take our investigations so very seriously. We report the facts as we witnessed them. Room temperatures, EMF readings (electrical magnetic fields), digital voice recordings and sound recordings, video recordings, photos as well as our own written personal experiences are all recorded at the scene of an investigation. It is also very important, when investigating, to investigate with a group of at least 3 or 4 people. Being with others adds credibility to your findings. Believe me- if you are trying to bend the truth, and you have someone in your group like me- you’re not going to get away with it.

With being part of a legitimate paranormal investigative group- Honesty should be at the top of your priorities and the reporting of your “facts” to the public should never be about bravado and ego. Your report should always include the considerations of others who worked on your team; and be sure to include all of them in your acknowledgments and always give them credit for the work that they do, whether it be their notes, writings or  video work. It is only the right thing to do.

The following video reviews a book that was written by Author and Paranormal Investigator, Adrian Lee. It  will speak for itself and includes many of the same themes that I just wrote about. I would just like to say this to whoever decides to watch it:

If you were on this team mentioned in the video, or if you are a member of another paranormal group, who agrees that a member of a group should have the right to present your investigative findings in their own way- which is in any way less than honest- then please consider leaving the paranormal investigative community. You are serving no one when you stand behind dishonesty in any way shape or form.

To the rest: Happy Ghost Hunting and keep it HONEST!


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