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By Dave Moore

Lines Along The Wall- The Beginning  was written by Dave Moore and published by Moore Motivation, LLC in 2014. You may purchase it at Book Cover to go to Amazon). Visit the author at:


Lines Along the Wall is a true story, of a boy finding his way to manhood, as Dave pursues his ultimate dream of becoming a military aviator.
In this inspiring story of perseverance, Dave takes you along on the decisions, or “lines” he has chosen in his life—good or bad—in his many adventures, some hilarious, some serious, some you will question, some you will relate to.
Lines Along the Wall is a feel good story that offers a lot of laughs for all generations to enjoy. From playing sports, to rushing a fraternity, a Coast Guard drill instructor straightening his path, and surviving a plane crash, he will make you laugh, cry, or wonder just how hard did he hit his head!

I have often wondered if you took all of the people in this world “who should have died” in an accident – and asked them how their lives have changed from experiencing that one event- how many of them would say that their lives have become more positive and purposeful? I believe that you would find that a good number of these people have moved on to more fulfilling and richer lives than they ever had before “the event”.  I believe Dave Moore is one of those people who not only has a better life than he did before his plane crash but that he appreciates life a lot more than ever before. By reaching out and telling his story, his life now also has a purpose: To help people find strength and to move on, just as he did.

After the plane crashed into some trees Dave, with broken ribs and skin hanging from his face and skull, literally crawled through the woods with another seriously injured man who was also in the plane. It took them 1.5 hours to finally get back to the airport where they finally found help. It was an amazing story of survival where he was later told by several people, including NTSB officials, that he shouldn’t be alive.

Although the story about the aftermath of the crash is a good one- this book is also about Dave’s earlier life and how he moved through his “lines”.  In the first part of the book we find out how Dave learned about integrity and team work from his elders and peers.  And he takes us through the physically painful process of playing football, his problems with alcohol and describes an incident where he was randomly beaten up and put in the hospital by a group of drunken teenagers.  Through it all he manages as most young people do but his desires in life, regardless of his struggles, keeps him moving forward.

This is the first book in the series and I look forward to learning more about Dave’s life and his future aspirations.

I give Lines Along The Wall- The Beginning 4 stars.


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