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The Doll House was written by Alan Hoxie and published by CreateSpace in 2009. You may purchase it at

By Alan Hoxie

This is a true story about 13 people associated with a century old house, who died tragically in a two year period. The house was built on ancient Native American burial ground and cursed by Seneca Chief “Redjacket.”

When a tale is elevated to a point where real life becomes entangled with the paranormal and death occurs because of some very bizarre activity involving a battered spooky doll, it becomes a “horror story”.

Even if you take away the element of a possessed doll that mysteriously reappears in the attic of the authors rented home, being somehow connected to over a dozen people who died within two years is very eerie, disturbing in itself and I can certainly understand the authors apprehension.

I have lived in the neighborhood of this house for more than forty years and I just learned of this story a few days ago. Being a paranormal investigator for five years, I come with built-in skepticism when I hear about a true “ghost story”, but for obvious reasons I was eager to read this book.  In the beginning, the author uses a lot of time and pages talking about his family and friends and the interest was there for me but my mind kept shouting, “Let’s get to the doll house story!”  After nearly a quarter of the way into the book, the story picks up and I was instantly obsessed with curiosity over this house and the doll.

The story is hauntingly good even if the author took license to change names, for good reasons, and I suspect that some other details of the “true story” may have been altered slightly.  However, much of the Native American history of the area, and the sacred burial ground, can be backed up from other sources.  I have been so impacted by the story, that when ever I drive past the house and the cemetery I will always be thinking about “that creepy doll” and I will wonder if it’s watching me.

I give The Doll House 4 stars.

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